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A Fish Called Wanda

Wanda is having a love affair with Archie in order to obtain important information from him. Otto, Wanda's jealous boyfriend who's posing as her brother, is hiding and watching Wanda and Archie. When the two start to make fun of Otto, he reveals himself ...

Adam's Rib

Amanda is seeking support through her neighbor (who is a dude) Kip. But Kip is in love with Amanda, and admits it, and tries to kiss her. Adam (Amanda's Husband) bursts in on them with a gun made of licorice (it works in the scene). Adam and Amanda argu ...

As Good as it Gets

Frank asks Melvin to take Simon to his parents place in Baltimore. Melvin agrees, and convinces Carol to go as well.

Bull Durham

Crash turns Annie down for a date after she explains her rules to him; Nuke is offended at being called a "boy". In the next scene Annie tries to seduce Nuke as she discusses Crash's offensive comments. In the 3rd scene, Annie gets angry at Crash for giv ...

Chuck - "Chuck Versus The Ex"

Chuck is talking to Guy and finishing up a Nerd Herd call inside a corporate office when he sees his ex-girlfriend Jill. Thinking quickly, Chuck hides underneath the table, where he is quickly discovered by his former paramour.

Four Rooms-"The Wrong Man"

When Ted the Bellhop unsuspectingly goes into Sigfried's room where the latter has Angela tied up, he is mistaken for someone else. Sigfried threatens Ted at gunpoint and puts him in a very awkward situation.

Grosse Pointe Blank

Grocer (Akroyd) and Martin (Cusack) have a Mexican standoff in a breakfast restaurant. During the standoff they talk about their diets and Grocer asks Martin to join the union. Martin says no, and Grocer gives Martin the ultimatum join or die. The female ...

King of Comedy

Pupkin and Marsha force Langford to call his office and tell them there is a gun to his head, and unless Pupkin goes on the show, Langford with die.

King of Comedy

Pupkin finally gets up the nerve to ask Rita out on a date. He tries everything to get her to go out with him.

The Ref

A married couple with serious issues attempts to work with a therapist.

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