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Meet Joe Black

A young man meets Susan in a coffee shop, and they immediately hit it off.


Paul stands up to Annie. She says she'll drive a sledgehammer into his wieni if he doesn't treat her nicer. He calls her bluff.


Annie brings Paul nice new expensive paper from town for him to type his masterpiece on! Paul tells her the paper isn't good, because the ink smudges. Then she flips out.


Annie loves Paul, she is sweet to him. Then she breaks his ankles.


Annie is angry at Paul for killing Misery. She is about to strike him with a chair, then tells him there's no way anyone is coming for him, he is trapped...

Mississippi Burning

Agent Rupert Anderson visits Mrs. Pell, wife of Deputy Clinton Pell, who's involved in the Ku Klux Klan.


Leonard comes to Natalie's after his fight with Dodd. He has no idea why, and he talks about not knowing what's going on.


Natalie is pissed at Leonard because he killed her boyfriend and doesn't know it. Now a guy named Dodd is going to kill her. So, she takes all the pens in the house, and hides them from Leonard, and then gets him to beat her up. She leaves, his memory res ...

Monsters Ball

Leticia thanks Hank for helping her. Hank opens up, then they get closer than they thought they ever would.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Jane & John have each discovered who the other really is, but continue to play house as long as possible in an attempt to deceive and ultimately assassinate one another.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Saunder's tries to convince Smith not to pursue writing a bill by explaining what it entails. Smith talks about the boys camp he wants to make and monologues about his love of nature. In this scene Saunder's realizes she likes him.

Music Box

Ann Talbot, an attorney, learns that her father, Mike Laszlo, has been indicted for alleged war crimes during World War II. He insists that it is a case of mistaken identity. Anne resolves to defend her father, and as the case progresses, she learns that ...

Mystic River

Dave comes home and Celeste starts questioning him. Then he confronts her about him thinking she thinks he killed Kate. Celeste keeps questioning him and all the stuff from Dave's past tries to surface, but he doesn't know how to say it.


Diane continually monologues about her views and life in college and such. Max keeps asking questions, then she cuts him off and takes him home.


Diane argues with Hacket to put Frank back on the air after his historic meltdown.


Diana pitches her "crazy" ideas to Max, gives him the heads-up on his future at the network, and then coerces him into having dinner.

Nina Takes A Lover

Nina and the photographer are two married people having an affair. Nina has spent the night at the photographer’s studio. She gets up and goes through his slides, not expecting to find what she finds.

Nina Takes A Lover

Nina and the photographer both live in San Francisco. They are both married and are having an affair with each other. He is British; she’s American. He travels the world; she owns a shoe boutique. They have been seeing each other for a short time when ...

No Looking Back

Claudia still lives in the small working class Long Island town where she grew up. She works as a waitress in the local diner and never acted upon her dreams of getting out and doing something better with her life. Charlie is her ex-boyfriend; he has re ...

Norma Rae

Norma argues with her husband Sonny about the house work she doesn't do because of her doing what she thinks is right.


Levinsky meets Claudia for the first time. He has been assigned to her case. She wants to stand trial even though everyone thinks she is incompetent. Levinsky starts to believe she can stand trial, and she convinces him she's up for it.

Of Mice and Men

Lenny is talking to Curley's wife. She gets Lenny to pet her and he loses it and kills her.

Ordinary People

As Conrad successfully works with Dr. Berger and learns to allow himself to have feelings, he starts dating Jeannine, a kind and nonjudgmental girl from his school choir, beginning to regain a sense of optimism. He and Jeannine are on a date at a local d ...

Out of Africa

Out of Africa is based on the memoirs of Karen Von Blixen, who moved to Kenya from her native Denmark and eventually ran a farm in Africa on her own. Her husband mostly absent, eventually gone altogether, Karen has an affair with Denys, an adventurer who ...


Robby and Sam used to be married. They also used to work together fighting rare infectious diseases. Now there has been an outbreak of ebola in Zaire; Sam has been there working. He has asked Robby to stay with the dogs. But she was supposed to leave ...

Panic in the Streets

Clinton comes home exhausted. Nancy talks to him and makes him feel better. Then she tells him that they should have another child.

Panic in the Streets

Clinton talks to Nancy about money. Nancy has enough and shoos him off.

Potting Shed

Miss Connelly tries to talk to Father Callifer about his drinking problem. Then Callifer surprises Connelly with his frank denial of faith.

Pretty Woman

Stuckey stops by the hotel room and lets Vivian know that he knows she's a prostitute. He attempts to rape her.

Pretty Woman

Just when she's starting to feel close to Edward, Vivian gets thrown for a loop. For the first time, he makes her feel like a prostitute.

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