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Jungle Fever

Angie and Flipper decide that it's never going to work out between them.

Jungle Fever

Flipper and Angie are on a date when they realize just how racist their community still is. Cops appear practically out of nowhere to arrest Flipper when their lovers wrestling is mistaken for assault.

Just Before the War with the Eskimos

Ginnie and Selena are high school classmates who also have tennis together. After each game, they take a cab ride home. Ginnie has always paid, but on this particular day, she decides to stand up for herself and demand her money. Selena is hurt by Ginn ...

Kramer Vs Kramer

Ted talks to Margaret about his wife leaving him and their son.

Kramer vs. Kramer

Joanna and Ted meet for the first time in months. Joanna informs Ted of how much she misses their son and wants custody of him. Ted gets enraged at the news.

La Strada

Gelsomina is sold by her impoverished mother to the Gypsy Zampanò. Zampanò makes a living as a strongman and uses cruelty, both physical and emotional, to train Gelsomina as his assistant. During their travels, they become acquainted with another street ...

Leaving Los Vegas

Sera find Ben asleep in a drunken stupor on the doorstep. They go inside and she gives him gifts. He tells her he loves her.

Leaving Los Vegas

Sera tells a story of a man she worked with when she had started being a prostitute. She remembers how good of a memory it was. After that, Ben says he likes being with her.

Leaving Los Vegas

Ben and Sera talk about his drinking into oblivion and how she's the only one keeping him alive.

Leaving Los Vegas

After a night where Ben gets too drunk and goes ballistic, Sera explains to him what happened. Ben apologizes, and Sera says it's ok, and that she needs him. Then asks to not talk about it anymore.

Leaving Los Vegas

Sera tells Ben he should check out of the hotel and stay with her. He refuses. They both realize they both don't have anybody, and this is better than nothing. Ben relents on one condition, she will never ask him to stop drinking.

Leaving Los Vegas

Sera asks Ben why he's killing himself. He responds with saying he doesn't remember, he just knows he wants to. She ends up asking him to stay at her place.

Les Enfants du Paradis (The Children of Paradise)

Garance, a beautiful and charismatic courtesan, is pursued by Baptiste Debureau, a mime.


Lianna has moved out of the house she shared with her ex-husband Dick. She has her own apartment, and she’s gotten a job checking groceries. Lianna hasn’t been able to see her children often, and she knows that her lover, Ruth, is seeing her former love ...


Lianna is the young wife of a film studies professor at a small college. She used to be his student; they had an affair and now have been married several years, much of it unhappily. Dick still sleeps with his students, and takes no pains to hide it fro ...

Lone Star

Sam was once married to Bunny Kincaid and he worked for her father, but the marriage failed. Bunny is, indeed, unbalanced. She is depressed, has obviously had some episodes with fire, and covers her deep anxiety with a football obsession. Sam shows up ...

Lone Star

Sam Deeds is a sheriff of a small Texas border town. His father, Buddy Deeds, was a deputy in the late fifties under a corrupt sheriff, Charlie Wade, but Buddy stood up to Charlie’s bullying and Charlie disappeared soon after, never to be heard from agai ...

Looking for Mr. Goodbar

Sonya is angry at James for helping with her family. He turns the conversation back to her, and she tries to seduce him.


Alan and Molly are a couple; they’ve been together for a few years. He is a professor of literature at a small college, and an unpublished writer, often arrogant, somewhat lost. She is his girlfriend, without her own goals or self-definitions, not highl ...

Lovers and Other Strangers

Wilma is married to Johnny. With two children, Wilma is feeling her age and misses the passion they had at the beginning of their marriage, while Johnny is more interested in watching Spellbound on TV than giving his wife attention.


Macbeth questions his decision to kill King Duncan, and Lady Macbeth convinces him to do it.

Mad Men (TV Series)

Don's boss and close friend has just had a heart attack. He seeks solace in the arms of a client at his advertising agency, Rachel Menken, who wants to be with him but won't because he's married. He shows up at her door late at night, and she refuses at ...


Donnie gets fired from his job. He pleads, but Solomon and Avi still fire him.


Jim Kurring comes to Claudia's house to check on a noise complaint. After a lot of back and forth he asks her out. It's the whole scene between them, but you could cut it up.


Jimmy comes over to his daughter Claudia's place and tells her he has cancer. She is messed up on drugs and tells him to get out.


Gwenovier corners Frank and his bull shit in an interview. Frank gets quietly angry and storms out.


Jimmy and Claudia are out on a date. She says she's afraid he'll hate her because of her problems. Then he tells her why he's so messed up. Then she runs away.

Man and Superman

Tanner is a confirmed bachelor despite the pursuits of Ann Whitefield and her persistent efforts to make him marry her.

Marvin's Room

Hank has decided to get tested, but hasn’t told anyone yet. He accompanies his brother Charlie to the doctor’s office.

Marvin's Room

Bessie and Lee, two sisters in their forties, haven’t had any contact for many years. Bessie lives in Florida with her elderly, bedridden father, Marvin, and her Aunt Ruth, whom she lovingly cares for. She isn’t married, and has never had her own family ...

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