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Marge comes back to Jerry's office to interview him. Jerry gets testy as Marge backs him into a corner. He says he'll go out and do a lot count and leaves in a huff, then flees.


Marge meets with her old friend Mike. Turns out Mike is really depressed, and things get awkward fast.


Rose and Troy learn that Troy's mistress died giving birth to their son. Rose tries to comfort Troy, and he asks for space. Then Troy talks to himself and to death about what the deal is gonna be.

Fight Club

Jack (Norton) confronts Marla for the first time and they attempt to arrange a schedule for their support groups so that they can avoid each other.

Fight Club

Jack (Norton) tries to explain his split personality to Marla but she doesn't believe him.

Fisher King

Anne tries to console Jack, who is still destroyed from his actions causing a man to be murdered.

Forest Gump

Jenny is pissed at Forest for always doing the wrong thing, then he tells her he's going to Vietnam, and she tells him to be careful.


Frances’ rebellious nature, controlling mother, and the pressures and betrayals of Hollywood have brought her to a breakdown. Her mother has committed her. She is not insane by current standards, and her mother’s motives are self-serving; she wants Fran ...


Frances Farmer is a Hollywood starlet in the early 1940’s. But despite her budding success, her life in Hollywood drives her to the brink of insanity. Her selfish, controlling mother, the cruelty of the studio system, and her own alcohol abuse don’t hel ...

Frankie and Johnny

Frankie & Johnny discuss whether they're kindred spirits or not. When Frankie threatens to throw Johnny out, he makes a phone call that results in Frankie opening up to him about her past.

Franny and Zooey

Zooey's mother comes into the bathroom while he is bathing and smoking a cig. They spar back and forth, talk about his troubled sister Franny, and finally Bessie asks Zooey to get married and he kicks her out.

From Here to Eternity

1st Sargeant Milton Warden has fallen for Karen Holmes, wife of Captain Dana Holmes. He's convinced her to secretly rendezvous with him, and she nervously waits.


Gregory tries to convince Paula to free him. She partially loses her mind but ends up refusing.


Carl stops by Molly's apartment to chat. As the conversation progresses, she realizes that he has an ulterior motive.

Good Will Hunting

The big breakup scene. Skylar wants will to come to California, and Will refuses. They have a big argument.

Good Will Hunting

Skylar asks Will to go to California with her. Will reveals his dark past.

Grand Canyon

Claire and Mack live in LA; they have a comfortable life and a teenage son who is just at the age when a boy starts to separate from his mom. Their son is at summer camp, and Mack is at work when Claire, out jogging one morning, hears a baby crying. She ...

Grand Canyon

Dee works for Mack as his secretary/assistant. They have had a one-night stand, but it didn’t blossom into an affair. Mack is married, relatively happily, but something is missing from his life. He’s recently met a man, a tow-truck driver who helped hi ...


Lilly comes to Roy to get the money she needs. Roy will not give it to her. She tries EVERY method she can think of (even trying to convince her son they aren't related so she can seduce him), then she smashes a vase on his head and he dies.


Roy tells Myra he doesn't want to work with her. Good fight scene.

Hatful of Rain

Last time Celia and Johnny spoke they were getting divorced. They make up.

Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison

Corporal Allison, a U.S. Marine, is a survivor of a failed island scouting/reconnaissance mission in the Pacific during World War 2. After days of being adrift in a rubber raft, Allison arrives on an island and finds an abandoned settlement and a chapel ...

Holy Smoke!

During a trip to India, Ruth Barron has a spiritual awakening and embraces the teachings of a guru named Baba. Her parents are appalled, and through a series of events, they put her in the hands of an American exit counselor who deprograms members of rel ...



Hud is attracted to his family's middle-aged housekeeper, Alma, and he is crude and insulting to her. Although Hud's fondness for her is (at first) somewhat mutual, Alma keeps her distance because she has already been "around the block" with macho womani ...

Husbands and Wives

Sally is newly separated from her husband, Jack. She goes out on a date with her colleague, Michael. He walks her home at the end of the night, and she invites him in.

I Am Sam

Sam Dawson, a mentally challenged man with the mental equivalency of a 7-year-old, is living in Los Angeles and is single-handedly raising his daughter Lucy. After a series of events, a social worker takes Lucy away. A judge allows Sam only two supervis ...


George (a chick) professes her undying love to Chopin. He declines at first, but then she somehow persuades him to let himself love her in return.

Indecent Proposal

David's jealousy gets the best of him as he grills Dianna about her night with Gage.

Jerry Maguire

Jerry and Dorothy question their decision to get married, and they find they have very different needs.

Johnny Suede

Johnny has moved in with Yvonne; it’s his birthday and she has prepared a celebration at home with cake and presents. Johnny, however, doesn’t show. He has followed a girl he saw in the grocery store to her apartment and had sex with her. He falls asle ...

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