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Come Back Little Sheba

Doc comes home drunk, and starts to rage about how he's unhappy with his life with Lola. The argument heats up, and he gets a hatchet.

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

A fun secret agent scene where Patricia and Barris see each other after a long while. They talk and connect, she invites him to her room, then they try to kill each other (espionage style). In the movie I believe they use poison as compared to guns...

Conspiracy Theory

Jerry tells Liza his insane theories.


Constantine goes to Gabriel to ask for an extension (because he's dying of cancer). Gabriel tells him no, and gives him the bad news.


Ryan goes to see a representative from his father's insurance company. The meeting quickly escalates into an argument involving race.

Detective Story

Mary wants to leave Jim, and he convinces her not to.

Die Hard

John talks to his wife Holly after they haven't seen each other for a long time. Right when it starts to get pleasant, and even a little sexy, John confronts Holly about not using his last name.

Dirty Dancing

Baby goes to Johnny's room and professes how she feels about him. They dance.


Meredith, who was once Tom's lover and is now his boss, invites Tom to her office for a business meeting. Her true intentions to seduce him are revealed, and although Tom resists, Meredith won't take no for an answer.

Doc Hollywood

Ben tries to seduce Lou, but she resists at first. When she does finally succumb to his charms, however, Ben pulls back, not wanting to lead her on or hurt her.

Donnie Brasco

Donnie argues with his wife Maggie about how she should live her life and his late mustache.

Double Indemnity

Neff comes over to Phyllis' house. Through her inquiry about accident insurance for her husband, Neff deduces she wants to kill her husband.

Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde

Mr. Hyde confuses Dr. Jekyl's Ivy by distorting the facts.

Drugstore Cowboy

The year is 1971, and Bob, Dianne, and their friends, Rick and Nadine, wander around Washington and Oregon, staying in any motel or pad, stealing prescription drugs from drugstores, and using or selling them. Things are status quo in their non-lives unti ...

Dying Young

Hilary has just been through a “break-up”: she has walked in on her boyfriend in bed with another woman. She left, and now she’s staying with her mother as she looks for a job. She’s not well-educated or particularly skilled in anything. She answers an ...

East of Eden

Cal goes to Abra and asks her to help him throw a party for his father. Then he confesses to hitting his brother.

East of Eden

Cal and Abra wait for his father to come home to surprise him with the party. Cal's brother Aaron is poor but still bringing a present for the father, and Cal worries it will be better than his. Cal continues to try to impress Abra and she starts to come ...

East of Eden

Abra waits for Aaron (Cals brother) in a sketchy place. A stranger comes up and hits on her. Cal walks up and Abra is really happy to see him. They chat about Aaron for a bit, and decide to hang out while they wait for him.

East of Eden

Abra is questioning her love for Aaron. Cal uses this opportunity to make a move.

East of Eden

Abra tells Cal about when she threw away a three hundred dollar diamond ring. She talks about her father issues, then teases Cal about the girl that is staring at them.

El Cantante

Hector Lavoe is a famous salsa singer. Puchi, Hector's wife, visits him while he's recording in a studio and gives him a piece of her mind regarding his inability to take responsibility as a husband and father, due to his drug addiction. Hector bites ba ...

Elmer Gantry

Lulu, a prostitute, tries to seduce Elmer, a famous Christian evangelist, in order for Benny, a photographer, to take pictures. Lulu seeks revenge against Elmer for abandoning her a while back, and she intends to use the photos to blackmail Elmer.

Enemy of the State

Rachel finally believes Dean is being tracked by the government. They make up, and Dean makes a startling discovery.

Enemy of the State

Stacy confronts Dean about seeing his adulterous lover Rachel behind her back. She kicks her out.

Enemy of the State

Rachel argues with Dean about how he uses her.

Enemy of the State

Dean meets with his ex-lover (with whom he cheated on his wife) for business over dinner.

Erin Brockovich

Erin is turned down for a job by Dr. Jaffe after an interview of word vomit.

Eyes Wide Shut

Bill hires a hooker Domino to sleep with him. He talks to her at the beginning to get at ease. Right when he's feeling it, Alice calls, and he can't do it.

Eyes Wide Shut

Bill and Alice play the truth game stoned in bed one night. They find out things they didn't want to know.

Family Man

Jack and Kate say goodbye in an airport.

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