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40 Year Old Virgin

Cal, David, Jay, and Andy play poker and start talking about their sexual exploits. It comes out Andy is.... a 40 year old virgin.

40 Year Old Virgin

Cal Jay and David relent and ask Andy to play poker with them. Andy, through his actions, shows how uncool he is.

Bringing Up Baby

Susan keeps unintentionally tormenting David. David responds very negatively, especially when Susan decides that David is mean because he likes her.

King of Comedy

Pupkin has kidnapped Langford, and is being interrogated by the police. He is very nice about it, but he says Langford will die unless he gets to be on the show. They put him under arrest, and he says that he needs makeup.

Man On The Moon

Andy tells everyone he has cancer. But nobody believes him.

My Best Friend's Wedding

Julianne has convinced George, her gay best friend, to pose as her fiance in order to make Michael, her straight best friend, realize that he actually loves Julianne and not his fiancee, Kimmy. Julianne brings George to a restaurant to meet Michael and K ...

Private Benjamin

In this initial barracks inspection, the Captain and Sergeant get a taste of what Pvt. Benjamin is like.

The Westerner

Cole is accused of stealing Chickenfoot's horse--a crime punishable by death. Cole says that he bought the horse, but doesn't give further information. While the jury deliberates, Cole tells the Judge some story of how he knows a famous actress and has a ...

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