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American Beauty

Carolyn and Lester argue in front of their daughter Jane about Lester losing his job. Lester gets angry and no one is listening to him and throws the asparagus against the wall.

Jerry McGuire

Laurel talks to her sister Dorothy about her having sex with Jerry. And then Dorothy trash talks Jerry while Laurel says she loves him. And Jerry hears the whole thing.


Marty brings Clara home with him and tries to kiss her. She doesn't want to kiss him and he's hurt. She tells him she likes him and wants to see him again. Then his mother comes downstairs and talks family problems.

The Gift

Wayne comes to Annie to ask if she knew her husband would be hurt the day at the plant. The Jessica comes up and asks Wayne to come help with her father.

The Night of the Iguana

Shannon is losing it, while Maxine tries to get him to calm down. She starts to get him to calm a little, when Shannon sees the bus leaving, and starts to pull the crucifix off his neck, cutting himself in the process. Hannah comes in and helps calm him ...

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