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American Beauty

Angela taunts Lester with her sexuality in the kitchen with Jane watching. Lester barely says a word.


Lilly is giving Roy a hard time about his relationship with his mother. He tells Lilly he hasn't seen his mother in 7 years, then his mother walks in the door with a story to tell.

King of Comedy

Pupkin tries to see Langford and gets stopped by the secretary. He pushes enough to get Cathy Long out to see him. She tells him she saw the tape and it was good, but a little weak. She also tells him he has no personality.

Radio Days

Fearing for her life, Sally is brought to mobster, Rocco's, mother's house. Over a good Italian meal, the mother and son discuss where Sally's body should be dumped once he kills her. Sally not only convinces them not to kill her, but informs them that ...

Starting Over

Phil is the ex-husband of Jesse and now he's dating Marylin even though he's not totally over Jesse. He and Marylin stumble upon Jesse, and all three talk. He walks Marylin to her room, comes back down to help Jesse, then they end up doing the naughty.

Kate torments her sister Bianca. Their father, Baptista, enters and chides Kate.

The Truth About Cats and Dogs

Noelle tries to cheer Abby up about how attractive she is while everybody around them is attracted to Noelle.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Vicky and Cristina are dining in a restaurant when they are approached by handsome Juan Anotonio. He invites them to Oviedo for a weekend of food, wine and lovemaking. Vicky is appalled by the proposal, but Cristina is captivated.

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