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12 Monkeys

Jeffery rants about why his ex-shrink knows about his plan. Very unique.

21 Grams

Paul monologues to Cristina about how he needed a heart, and got it from her husband dying.

A Police Monologue

A sort of rant by a police officer who feels like he's ok, then reads a letter in the newspaper from a kid to his dying father, and gets all choked up.

An American President

Shepard takes the press podium and monologues about his love life, his politics, and his opponent.

And Justice for All

Arthur Kirkland's great opening speech for the jury. He starts off great, then he flips out and accuses his own client of being guilty.

Any Given Sunday

Tony monologues the team during halftime.

Any Given Sunday

Tony D'Amato gives his speech, inch by inch, Fight live die by that inch...

Boiler Room

Jim monologues to the new recruits the rules of the company. They are there to work hard and get stinking rich.

BoonDock Saints

Smecker yells at his police force about letting rumors go out about the two guys who seek retribution from criminals who escape justice.

Boondock Saints

Smecker monologues about the potential of the hits that they are investigating.


Rick says goodbye the only way he knows how. "Here's looking at you kid..."

Cast Away

Chuck talks about his experience from hopelessness to hope while being stuck alone on an island for 5 years.


Rev. Briegleb monologues to the public about the imperial dishonesty of the LA police dept.

Dr. Strangelove

General Ripper gives an insane monologue about the Communist plan to sap our bodily fluids.

GlenGary Glen Ross

Alec Baldwin's great monologue, he gives the ultimatum. see or get out.

Good Will Hunting

Sean tells Will how he's a genius, but young and inexperienced.

Good Will Hunting

Will explains why he plans to reject a job offer from the NSA.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

John tells his father that he sees himself as a man, as compared to his father who sees himself as a colored man.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Matt (Spencer Tracy) monologues on his conclusion about his daughter wanting to marry a black man in the 1960's


Elwood tells the story of when he met Harvey (the 6 foot tall rabbit)


JD comes into Veronica's room after she's hung herself. He monologues on all the plans he had.

In the Line of Fire

Booth, who plans to assassinate the president, calls Secret Service agent Frank Horrigan to assert his dominance and mess with Frank's head.


Quint's great speech about the USS Indianapolis.



Jim's opening statement in the trial of the century. This thing is long, so you might want to cut it up.


Dr. Jed Hill sums up how it really is in the operating room. The famous line "I am God".

Moby Dick

Father Maple tells the story of Jonah and his fish. Jonah runs from god across the oceans only to get shipwrecked from a storm. Father Maple links this story to his idea of faith and religion.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

The entire filibuster monologue. There is a senator Payne if you'd like to do that part. Mr. Smith extemporizes on the problems of politics.


Howard's famous rant about the power of the TV, then screams at everyone to turn it off.


Aurthur Jensens oscar nominated (best supporting 1977) speech. This was the only scene he was in in the movie. Could have a Howard there if you want.


Howard's famous rant, mad as hell and I'm not (f-ing) gonna take it anymore

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