Quint's great speech about the USS Indianapolis.

Jerry Maguire

Jerry and Rod discuss Rod's football career, and Rod confronts Jerry about why he got married.

Jerry Maguire

Jerry tries every way he can think of to get Tidwell to listen (Help me Help you). Tidwell doesn't get it and insults Jerry's marriage, Jerry loses it and tells Tidwell why he doesn't have the contract he wants.

Jerry Maguire

Jerry and Dorothy question their decision to get married, and they find they have very different needs.

Jerry McGuire

Laurel talks to her sister Dorothy about her having sex with Jerry. And then Dorothy trash talks Jerry while Laurel says she loves him. And Jerry hears the whole thing.



Jim's opening statement in the trial of the century. This thing is long, so you might want to cut it up.

Joe vs the Volcano

Joe quits his job and makes a speech about what a waste of time it's been.

Johnny Suede

Johnny has moved in with Yvonne; it’s his birthday and she has prepared a celebration at home with cake and presents. Johnny, however, doesn’t show. He has followed a girl he saw in the grocery store to her apartment and had sex with her. He falls asle ...

Jungle Fever

Angie and Flipper decide that it's never going to work out between them.

Jungle Fever

Flipper and Angie are on a date when they realize just how racist their community still is. Cops appear practically out of nowhere to arrest Flipper when their lovers wrestling is mistaken for assault.

Just Before the War with the Eskimos

Ginnie and Selena are high school classmates who also have tennis together. After each game, they take a cab ride home. Ginnie has always paid, but on this particular day, she decides to stand up for herself and demand her money. Selena is hurt by Ginn ...

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