I Am Sam

Sam Dawson, a mentally challenged man with the mental equivalency of a 7-year-old, is living in Los Angeles and is single-handedly raising his daughter Lucy. After a series of events, a social worker takes Lucy away. A judge allows Sam only two supervis ...

I'm Not Rappaport

Two old men in a park try and deal with getting old. Nat (a cantankerous Jew) starts telling an outrageous tale of him being an undercover agent, right after Midge (a feisty Black guy) swears he won't be taken by Nat's lies.


George (a chick) professes her undying love to Chopin. He declines at first, but then she somehow persuades him to let himself love her in return.

In and Out

Emily learns that her husband is gay. She's upset.

In Cold Blood

Church and Nye lightly interrogate Hickock about his where abouts. Then they pull out the big guns, he's the murderer they're after and he left a witness. Hickock almost traps himself.

In Good Company

Carter asks Dan to meet him for lunch. Dan thinks he is getting fired. Carter convinces Dan to try the sushi even though Dan hates it. Carter asks Dan to be an 'Awesome wingman'. Dan throws it back in his face and asks why. Carter replies by saying 'You g ...

In the Line of Fire

Booth, who plans to assassinate the president, calls Secret Service agent Frank Horrigan to assert his dominance and mess with Frank's head.

In the Line of Fire

This is a transcription of all 6 phone calls and the rooftop confrontation between Frank Horrigan, an aging Secret Service agent, and Mitch Leary, a former CIA operative who is plotting to assassinate the president.

Indecent Proposal

David's jealousy gets the best of him as he grills Dianna about her night with Gage.

Independence Day

Steve and David are trapped in their ship in the giant mothership alien vessel. They sit around and launch a nuclear missile, and then suddenly they are freed. A weird sort of scene, but if you can manage to do it on stage it could be fun.

Interview with a Vampire

Lestat (Cruise) tries to convince Louis (Pitt) to feed on a prostitute. Louis cares about her pain while Lestat sees her as food.

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