Police detective John Hobbes discovers that the serial killer he's been pursuing is actually a demon named Azazel that inhabits human bodies and uses them to kill. The demon frames Hobbes, and his two fellow detectives, Maguire and Jonesy, attempt to arr ...

Family Man

Jack and Kate say goodbye in an airport.

Family Man

Jack runs into Cash and tries to save him. Jack then claims he has everything he wants, and Cash casts his spell.


Marge comes back to Jerry's office to interview him. Jerry gets testy as Marge backs him into a corner. He says he'll go out and do a lot count and leaves in a huff, then flees.


Jerry meets with the men who are going to kidnap his wife.


Marge meets with her old friend Mike. Turns out Mike is really depressed, and things get awkward fast.


A funny little sort of monologue scene from this local guy giving an interview to a trooper.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Linda & Stacy chat about high school stuff, and Linda demonstrates how to give a blow job.


Rose and Troy learn that Troy's mistress died giving birth to their son. Rose tries to comfort Troy, and he asks for space. Then Troy talks to himself and to death about what the deal is gonna be.

Fight Club

Jack (Norton) confronts Marla for the first time and they attempt to arrange a schedule for their support groups so that they can avoid each other.

Fight Club

Jack (Norton) tries to explain his split personality to Marla but she doesn't believe him.

Fight Club

Jack and Tyler have their final confrontation, and Jack finds a way to rid himself of Tyler forever.

Fight Club

Jack talks about losing all his stuff. Then Tyler gets him to ask if he can stay at his place, for a favor. He proceeds to ask Jack :I want you to hit me as hard as you can."

Fisher King

Anne tries to console Jack, who is still destroyed from his actions causing a man to be murdered.

Five Women Wearing the Same Dress

Two bridesmaids, who were good friends in high school, steal away to a hotel suite after the ceremony to talk about their love lives and guzzle champagne.

Forest Gump

Jenny is pissed at Forest for always doing the wrong thing, then he tells her he's going to Vietnam, and she tells him to be careful.

Four Rooms-"The Wrong Man"

When Ted the Bellhop unsuspectingly goes into Sigfried's room where the latter has Angela tied up, he is mistaken for someone else. Sigfried threatens Ted at gunpoint and puts him in a very awkward situation.


Frances’ rebellious nature, controlling mother, and the pressures and betrayals of Hollywood have brought her to a breakdown. Her mother has committed her. She is not insane by current standards, and her mother’s motives are self-serving; she wants Fran ...


Frances Farmer is a Hollywood starlet in the early 1940’s. But despite her budding success, her life in Hollywood drives her to the brink of insanity. Her selfish, controlling mother, the cruelty of the studio system, and her own alcohol abuse don’t hel ...

Frankie and Johnny

Frankie & Johnny discuss whether they're kindred spirits or not. When Frankie threatens to throw Johnny out, he makes a phone call that results in Frankie opening up to him about her past.

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