Back to the Future

Marty "parks" with his mom from the past.

Barefoot in the Park

Paul and Corie argue after dinner with her mother. What they truly feel for each other is revealed.

Basic Instinct

Nick finds Catherine waiting on his stoop. He invites her up for a drink, and their cat and mouse game continues. It ends where she leaves for a club, and he tells her he will meet her there.

Basic Instinct

Nick meets Catherine for the first time while investigating the murder of her boyfriend. She glibly tells her side of the story, and when cornered she tells them to f*ck off.

Basic Instinct

Catherine's ex lesbian lover tried to kill Nick, and Nick rushes over to Catherine's aparment. They make love, and try and stop playing games and be sincere towards each other.

Basic Instinct

Nick comes to Catherine's apartment to ask more questions. She apparently has done research on him. She asks him questions about his shooting and his coke usage. He reveals more than he means to.

Beautiful Girls

Gina tries to explain that no matter how beautiful the woman or how good the sex, if there's nothing else to the relationship, a man won't be truly happy. It's mostly a monologue, but requires a couple of male extras unless one wishes to cut them out.

Becket or the honor of god

King Henry tries to rekindle his friendship with Becket, but Becket's new found attachment to religion gets in the way.

Before Sunrise

Celine & Jesse talk about their respective childhoods, and Jesse convinces Celine to travel around Vienna with him.

Before Sunset

Celine & Jesse walk through Paris and talk about therapy, sex, and death.

Before Sunset

Celine & Jesse take a boat ride, discuss their lives since their last encounter, and ponder why they never reconnected.

Being John Malcovich

Craig gets a very strange interview from Lester.

Being John Malkovich

This is a combination of two separate scenes from the film. Craig desperately tries to flirt with Maxine as she coldly shoots him down. Craig also tells Maxine about the portal into Malkovich's head, and Maxine forms a business plan.

Being John Malkovich

Craig gets his date with Maxine. He has a hard time, but right when it starts going well, she asks him what he does and he says he's a puppeteer. She immediately asks for the check.

Being There

Eve comes into Chauncy's bedroom with the intent of seducing him, but Chauncy's mind is on other matters. However, a strange misunderstanding leads Eve to the sexual satisfaction she was seeking, and she leaves the room even more smitten with Chauncy.



Susan comes over to Josh's place for the first time, clueless to the fact that he is merely a teenager.



Billy comes to Josh with the news that he's found the wishing machine. But Josh has turned into a grown up. Billy gets pissed.



Billy comes to visit Josh in his new office, and is incredibly jealous.

Blade Runner

This scene takes place in the year 2019 in the city of Los Angeles. Deckard and Rachael, after a violent encounter in a marketplace for genetically engineered animals, head back to Deckard's apartment. Deckard is an ex-Blade Runner who's been pulled out ...

Blood Diamond

Maddy finds Archer drinking alone. She joins him and gets to know more about his painful past and why he's seeking the blood diamond. His hard exterior begins to crack a little, and they connect.

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