What's This Blog About

BHP, n., 1. Beverly Hills Playhouse, the best acting school you’ll find – now with classes in LA, NYC, and SF.

Allen Barton is the current President/CEO of the BHP, and teacher of the advanced level classes in Los Angeles, as well as being a classical pianist and writer/director. The blog could be titled, "Notes on the Study and Pursuit of Acting." 

Milton Katselas' two books, Acting Class and Dreams Into Action, are in and of themselves complete works that lay down Katselas' approach and his techniques for both acting and the career of acting. This blog is a space where Allen, who was extensively involved in editing both of Milton's books, can add further commentary from his perspective as a current teacher and administrator of the school. It is a means of supplementing Milton's work with fresh commentary and ideas on the current state of acting study and the pursuit of acting in the 21st century.