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The Beverly Hills Playhouse has for over thirty-five years offered ongoing intensive scene-study acting classes in Beverly Hills, San Francisco, and New York for both the professional actor and those who are looking to develop themselves into professional actors. The BHP is well known for Milton Katselas' unique approach, which addresses Acting, Attitude, and Career Administration.

  • The uniqueness the BHP approach lies in its three-pronged attack on Acting, Attitude and career Administration, so as to create a true professional who can handle not only...
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  • For new actors who are looking for an acting school, the Beverly Hills Playhouse would be happy to welcome you with open arms. We have two Orientation level scene study acting classes that cater to
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  • The idea exists out there that acting training is a waste of time. Or that it's something you might do to "tune up for pilot season." Or that training is less important than meeting people
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  • The main focus of the Beverly Hills Playhouse is on-going scene study acting class. These meet twice per week with an emphasis on acting scene work and the occasional exercise. In addition to these acting
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  • The teachers at the BHP have several qualities in common: they were all personally trained by founder Milton Katselas, they all have a minimum of 10 years of BHP experience and as many as 30 years...
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  • Get answers to your questions: Why are acting classes twice a week? How often do you get to work in class? Will I be doing a lot of exercises? Can I audit classes? Who assigns
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Beverly Hills Playhouse Alumni

The quality of actors, directors, writers and producers who have studied at the Beverly Hills Playhouse is second to none. They took what they learned about acting, story-telling, and professionalism and have been successful at applying it in the entertainment industry.

  • I was at the BHP for five years altogether. In any other profession, you practice what you’re doing. You can’t just say, “I’m an actor,” and just do it. You need to...
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  • What I loved about working with Milton was, he kind of prepared actors so that you’re a little director-proof in a way because you learn to be...
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  • I had teachers at the BHP that really started getting me to loosen up in my emotional side, and definitely later in Lost, as my character started getting...
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  • I was looking for the best. I was looking for a space where I could play with other excellent actors and filmmakers and theatre artists. I was looking to...
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  • I really liked that they focus on acting, attitude, and administration, and I’d never found an acting class that really addressed the business.
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  • So, I’m a different person now after seven years. I’m not the same person I was when I started, even biologically. A lot of that’s because of the Playhouse, so I...
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  • I was acting, but I didn't love it. And I knew I wanted to love it. So I came back to the Beverly Hills Playhouse and it has changed my life. It Is the most...
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  • You have got to learn how keep yourself hungry, uncomfortable, inspired, excited, and that’s what the Playhouse provides. I think that what...
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Acting Classes San Francisco

robert2One of the best acting classes in Los Angeles expanded north In September 2009, when the Beverly Hills Playhouse opened the BHP San Francisco Acting School, under the leadership of longtime industry and BHP veteran, Robert Zimmerman. Since then, Robert has led the charge each Monday and Wednesday night in the clean theatre at 414 Mason Street, #502, San Francisco, CA 94102.  The class now regularly numbers over 20 students who have developed an uncommon camaraderie and enthusiasm for their studies. The BHP San Francisco Acting School has close administrative and emotional ties to the famed Los Angeles acting classes, and is currently one of the hottest acting programs in San Francisco. 

Robert Zimmerman started working professionally at age eleven at The Sharon Playhouse. The next several years included training with Jack O'Brien (Old Globe Theater) and Tony Richardson (British National Theater) and some 60 stage productions from Connecticut to San Diego.

After taking a break to do a some globe trotting, Robert arrived in LA to begin learning about Film and TV. He has appeared in Twin Peaks, The Larry Sanders Show, Port Charles and starred in the BBC made for TV movie, Murder, Too. Other film credits include the controversial Don's Plum with Leonardo DiCaprio & Tobey Maguire and Working Trash with Ben Stiller. Rob also worked onstage at The Matrix Theater in the all star cast of The Tavern and received very strong reviews for his performance as the lead in Prelude to a Kiss.

Robert first came to the Beverly Hills Playhouse in 1991 and, in the words of one his teachers, 'found [his] home.' Over the next decade plus, he dedicated himself not only to his studies, but to the other students' growth, as well. He is fascinated with the process of actors discovering what elements of the teaching work best for them. Working in as many as seven classes per week, Robert has helped guide literally hundreds of students to the rewards offered by Milton Katselas' technique and vision of 'a room full of stars.'

Acting Classes in San Francisco are held at 414 Mason Street, #502, San Francisco, CA 94102 Tel: (415) 449-1919

  • "Acting Class: Take A Seat" +

    Acting Class is the book that helped change the careers of George Clooney, Michelle Pfeiffer, Alec Baldwin, Kate Hudson and
  • BHP Connect +

    This is an exclusive networking community for the students of the Beverly Hills Playhouse.
  • Acting Scenes Database +

    A database of over 700 acting scenes. Please contribute your scenes!
  • Casting Director Workshops +

    Ongoing Casting Director Workshops specifically for current BHP students.
  • Admin Groups +

    Support groups comprised of fellow acting class students who gather once a week to encourage each other’s career administration.
  • The Checklist +

    Tools any actor can use to help approach their work on a scene
  • Rehearsal Space +

    Inexpensive rehearsal space can be booked and paid for online, 24 hours a day.
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"The Study & Pursuit of Acting"

“The Oasis of Insanity” by Allen Barton – ...

Well, at long last, after almost 27 years at the BHP, including 18 years of apprenticeship with Milton, 15 years of teaching, and 8 years writing essays for this blog, I have endeavored to capture th ...

Training Pixelation

Actor training in Los Angeles over the last fifteen years has been pixelated more and more into a dozen subcategories of “skills,” inclusive of improv, audition technique, comedy technique, camera ...

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Jesus I suck why the hell do I continue to pursue this when I could go get a masters or apprentice for a producer or something or go back home where people are real and there’s actually weather okay ...

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  • If you study at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, and read Milton Katselas' book, you will know exactly what to do to be the greatest actor you could ever hope to be, and achieve everything you ever wanted. -- Larry Miller
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