A nice film noir scene. Gittes comes to see Evelyne's husband, but instead plays a cat and mouse game with her.


Another great film Noir scene. Gittes is trying to solve whether Evelyn killed her husband or not, but she's also way hot. They are at a restaurant and playing a cat and mouse game.


Gittes meets Mrs. Mulwray for the first time. She hires him to investigate her husband. This is the older impostor Mulwray, even though we don't know that yet.

Chuck - "Chuck Versus The Ex"

Chuck is talking to Guy and finishing up a Nerd Herd call inside a corporate office when he sees his ex-girlfriend Jill. Thinking quickly, Chuck hides underneath the table, where he is quickly discovered by his former paramour.

Citizen Kane

Kane and Susan fight, and Kane slaps her. He then tries to convince her not to leave, and almost does, but then... she does leave. He tears the room apart, and tells the doorman to lock the door to the room and never open it.


Caitlin, Dante’s ex-girlfriend, has come down from school to visit Dante, and Randal is suspicious of her intentions. His loyalty to Dante creates conflict when he sees her. His remark about Chinese food is an insulting reference to Caitlin’s current bo ...


Dante finds out his girlfriend Veronica has blown 37 dudes. There is a two line walk-on by one of them.


Dante’s day goes from bad to worse when he gets the news of Caitlin’s engagement. Then Caitlin unexpectedly shows up at the deli, where Dante is having trouble coping; she’s taken the train down from school to see him. She doesn’t know what she wants an ...

Coal  Miner's Daughter

Doo tries to get Loretta to play in front of a bar of folk. She runs off. He follows her into the bathroom and lovingly yells at her that she has no choice. Short Scene.

Coal  Miner's Daughter

Doo is moving to Kentucky and will send money for Loretta when he can. She wants him to convince her why she should go. He does, then she tells him she's pregnant.

Coal  Miner's Daughter

Doo brings Loretta a guitar for their anniversary. Short scene

Coal  Miner's Daughter

Loretta stands up for herself against Doo and tells him to ask her what she thinks. Doo thinks she wants a divorce. Short scene.

Coal  Miner's Daughter

Doo wants Lynn to be of some use. Lynn wants Doo to get her a wedding ring. Short scene.

Cold Mountain

Ruby comes to help Ada with work. Ada thinks she is a servant. Ruby impresses her by showing how capable she is.

Come Back Little Sheba

Doc comes home drunk, and starts to rage about how he's unhappy with his life with Lola. The argument heats up, and he gets a hatchet.

Coming Home

Bob is hopeless because Sally is cheating on him, and the army doesn't want him back. He starts to lose it and puts a gun to his head. Luke comes in, and helps convince Bob not to kill himself.

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

A fun secret agent scene where Patricia and Barris see each other after a long while. They talk and connect, she invites him to her room, then they try to kill each other (espionage style). In the movie I believe they use poison as compared to guns...

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Byrd visits Barris on the set of the dating game with a new mission. Barris incredulously says he doesn't have to kill anymore because he has a hit show. Byrd tells him he kills because he likes to.

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Barris is approached by Byrd, who then asks him to be a CIA free agent assassin.

Conspiracy Theory

Jerry tells Liza his insane theories.


Constantine goes to Gabriel to ask for an extension (because he's dying of cancer). Gabriel tells him no, and gives him the bad news.


Interesting scene. Constantine slits his wrists, so the devil comes to collect his soul. Then Constantine gets him to look in the next room because Satan's son is trying to become born into the world.


Ryan goes to see a representative from his father's insurance company. The meeting quickly escalates into an argument involving race.

Crimson Tide

Ramsey wants to launch the nuclear warheads, Hunter doesn't think they have enough information. After a big confrontation, Hunter relieves Ramsey as a captain of the sub.

Cross Creek

Geechee makes it clear to Marjorie that she wants to continue to work for her. She warns Marjorie that she lets people go too easily and that she's risking losing Mr. Norton.

Cruel Intentions

Katherine teaches Cecile how to kiss. Then Katherine convinces Cecile to give her a copy of all the love letters Ronald has sent to her.

CSI Miami

Scott is being lightly questioned by Horatio. He keeps changing his story, so he ends up getting his prints. The scene has flashbacks and multiple detectives, but it can be shortened to just two people and monologues.

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