Acting Career - A Must Watch for Actors - Patton Oswalt Nails It

Patton Oswalt Nails It

A student of mine sent this to me – comedian Patton Oswalt’s keynote at last year’s Just For Laughs Comedy Festival. It is awesome. Watch it. Live it.

“Dear Hollywood Gatekeepers, There are no more gates. We need you less &  less because of the smart phone in my pocket.”

One thought on “Patton Oswalt Nails It

  1. Bailey

    The advanced classes at the BHP just screened over 25 short films shot over 2 months. They were not “lucky” or “given” anything. For two months, they stopped waiting. They did it themselves. “There are NO MORE GATEKEEPERS.” Today every actor has a choice… are you a creator… or a waiter? For one great example a creator, check out Mark Gantt’s website. Allen, thanks for sharing this. It is dead on


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