Leila Vatan

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Leila Vatan has been a student of the Beverly Hills Playhouse since 2002.  While completing a doctoral degree she began pursuing the art and career of acting.  Through Milton’s teaching of Acting, Attitude and Administration she has developed her dream of living her life as an artist.  She believes that the artist must truly be the one to lead the way and can also earn a living doing so.  

Leila has worked in many successful stage productions including San Pedro Theater Company’s award winning production of Taming the Shrew.  Leila has also made several films of which she is proud, including a leading and Farsi speaking role in Khejalat.  While Leila is passionate about continuing to work on stage and film, she is also pursuing directing and writing.  Some of her most rewarding directing work has been done with original play writes at the Katselas Theater Company, including Alter Ego, in which she also had a leading role.  Most recently, Leila is proud to have directed a talented and diverse cast in Twilight commemorating the 20 year anniversary of the L.A. riots.  She has also directed several short films and music videos.   

Leila is passionate about helping develop a community of professional and ethical artists who change the world by outcreating  apathy, cynicism and cool.


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