Acting Audition Class

Due to high demand, the Beverly Hills Playhouse Acting School now offers the students in its acting classes the opportunity to take an Audition Class for an incredible price. For just $100, students get four classes (at 3 hours each) focused solely on the art of auditioning. Taught by the same teachers as the scene study classes, students have the unique opportunity of focusing on their individual auditioning issues.

Similar to auditions in the industry, students are emailed scripts up to two days in advance. They are asked to prepare their auditions just as they would for any top casting director. The teacher works on everything involved in the process: the entrance into the room, the attitude presented by the actor, of course the actual reading, and leaving the room. Using the BHP approach encompassing Acting, Attitude, and Administration, our teachers understand that an actor can land a role, or just as easily lose it, before even uttering a word from a script.

This class has helped inexperienced actors become more confident and better auditioners, and has helped the more advanced students thrive in Network tests. It is more than just a cold-reading class, it is the specific application of the BHP Approach to the audition process. Plus, since this class is only offered to current students of the BHP, the terms used are readily understood and applicable by everyone in the room.