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The Beverly Hills Playhouse is a 100% professional environment for those who strive to truly become a "professional" in their art. It is the most artistic environment I have ever been in. Actors rise to a level of work that rivals anything I have seen in the New York theater.

- Anne Archer Academy Award Nominee
 Fatal Attraction

Acting Classes

Classes at the Beverly Hills Playhouse are an experience unlike any other acting school.  The classes are well known to be exciting, passionate, entertaining, illuminative. Often new students entering the school for the first time are astonished that any class could have so much positive energy.  The BHP has many students who have been part of the program for 15 years or more, a testament to the fact that the classes serve as a kind of "fountain of youth" - as your career unfolds with its inevitable ups and downs, the BHP will be your gym, your laboratory, your artistic home. You will not find anyone with more enthusiastic support for your success than your classmates and teachers at the BHP.

The Beverly Hills Playhouse Acting School offers its students the unique opportunity to attend Casting Director Workshops arranged specifically for the BHP. On any given day, top casting directors from around Los Angeles come to the BHP to meet our Intermediate and Advanced acting class students in one of our four theatres. Instead of paying $35 or more to sit in a fluorescent-lit office space with a bunch of strangers, whose talent or lack thereof may affect your chance to impress, why not spend $25 to be in a real theatre, where you will read for top CDs alongside your peers and friends?

 The Beverly Hills Playhouse offers the most intensive and complete acting classes for kids in the age range of 7 to 17. Taught by Emmy Award Winner Melissa Hayden, our acting school for kids is one of the most highly regarded and respected in all of Los Angeles. Many distinguished and successful young performers choose to train in our acting academy, where they can learn every skill they need to be excellent theatrical and commercial actors.

SkyA0335wThe Beverly Hills Playhouse Acting School strives to train each actor in real-person-real-place, behavior-oriented, moment-to-moment acting work in the tradition of the great American actors. It is a training ground for serious artists who aspire to long-term careers.

Due to high demand, the Beverly Hills Playhouse Acting School now offers the students in its acting classes the opportunity to take an Audition Class for an incredible price. For just $100, students get four classes (at 3 hours each) focused solely on the art of auditioning. Taught by the same teachers as the scene study classes, students have the unique opportunity of focusing on their individual auditioning issues.